With the release of a single called “Flemoids” last week, Aweminus baffles us with a brand new EP entitled “Riddim 4 Dummies EP”.

Brandon Famini, or as others might call him, Aweminus, is one of the most promising emerging artists in the bass music community. Not only as a dubstep producer but also in the drum and bass genre.

He has been a part of compilations from labels like NSD: Black Label, Fresh Blood, Circus Records, Savage Society, Bassweight, Uplink Audio, Firepower Records and Disciple Round Table. He was also featured in several EPs and remix packs for fairly known dubstep names such as Getter, UBUR and Subject 31.

This year Aweminus already released 2 EPs over at NSD: Black Label but this is the game changing one. The support has been incredible all over the dubstep community with artists such as Oolacile and Subtronics tweeting about how good his work has been.

“Riddim 4 Dummies EP” consists of 4 tracks: “BAB”, “Fried Piper”, “Get Off My Train” and “Riddim 4 Dummies”. All of them amazing, each in its own way but maintaining the artists identity throughout the EP. The wonkiest and more minimalistic side of riddim.

Aweminus is a truly amazing artist and we hope he gets the recognition he deserves from the public since the other artists are already supporting him in the best way possible. Many of them are playing his tunes at their gigs and displaying what he is capable of producing.

Listen here to one of the EPs of the year in the world of dubstep, “Riddim 4 Dummies EP”:

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