It is already tomorrow that Amelie Lens will make public her latest work, the EP “Basiel“, out on her own label Lenske, founded in March this year. After debuting the label last May with “Risin” EP from his compatriot and friend Farrago, the Belgian star promises an EP with three tracks in his record of aggressive and incendiary techno with big-room techno traits.

Meanwhile, the first track on the EP, entitled “Never The Same“, is now available. It is a track with traits that we immediately associate with the most recent style of Lens: with a beat at a frenetic pace, accompanied by a heavy bass and claps of great strength, joined by chords constantly growing and decreasing in a record so acid and disruptive as characteristic of her style. These strings are interspersed with a minimal beat, at the same time the claps intensify and the percussion behind the main chord becomes more tonic. A novelty compared to the usual is the introduction of a ghostly voice, which secretes the title of the track in a fading and contagious tone.

The pre-order of the EP is available here.

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