Several words could be used to create an in-depth description of the heart of Marshmello. Kind, passionate, generous, caring, all these words suit him. In an effort of helping those in need, especially during this beautiful holiday season, he has joined forces with Youtube, to give back to some less fortunate people.

Youtube launched their Youtube Giving functionality and Marshmello being the kind soul that he is, immediately decided to test it for himself. The artist has been uploading weekly for his series on cooking and gaming and took this as a perfect opportunity to partner with Hope for Paws, a charity organization that helps rescue animals in need.

The author of “Happier”, “Together” and “Alone” always makes sure to transmit a stronger message in his videos and this isn’t at all new ground for him, considering that this year alone he donated 500,000$ to a supporting refugee and immigrant child charity. He also teamed up with Electric family to donate 6 thousand dollars of Toys.

Taking into consideration how much influence he and many other individuals in the EDM scene hold in their hands, it’s great to see them supporting bigger causes and helping those who need the most. We’re sure this won’t be the last time we hear from Marshmello donating, and with Thanksgiving just around the corner, don’t hesitate to donate a bit as well! Tune in to his Youtube channel right here.

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