Joshua Gleason, a “producer” based on Louisville, Kentucky, is accused of stealing tracks from Zomboy, Ace Aura and Chime, among others.

Last 11th November Ace Aura reported this issue on his personal Twitter, stating that Joshua Gleason had released his and Chime’s remix of Ray Volpe’s “Wet Napkin” on online stores under the name “Electromaniac”.

After this first incident, many other producers including Zomboy and Skybreak, found out that their tunes were also re-released by this “producer”.

Joshua Gleason tried to defend himself on Facebook, stating he has been producing his own tunes since 2013.

“Let me guess, if you posted on my timeline or gave a negative recommendation, either you were told to do this, or you saw a post telling you to do this. Either way, you’re wrong. I’ve been creating my own music since 2013 (…) It’s really not complicated to understand, I make my own music, have only made my own music, and they are lying (…) is just ridiculous and irritating to me, the one that made it to begin with, and then have people lie about me to then make it seem like the other person deserves the credit (…)”

The “producer” also posted in the comment box “proof” of his words, print screening FL Studio Piano Rolls, with other track’s converted to MIDI.

By the time this article is being written several tracks were already removed from Joshua’s Spotify, but his Soundcloud remains online, and can be visited here.

The “producer” is now facing several accusations that will be judged on the court of law.

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