House Music geniuses CamelPhat and Cristoph have just joined forces and delivered the much-expected collaboration that goes by the name of Breathe.

In fact, the Grammy Award Nominees have been riding a rising road to success and with this brand new track they have just given everyone a good reason to listen to their tracks.

Ever since the first time it was played during CamelPhat’s summer residency at Hï Ibiza, dance music fans have been going crazy over the track and everyone looked forward to the day it’d be released.

Well, it is finally out and fans are happier than ever. Starting off with some atmospherical chords leading to some outstanding vocals by the one and only Jem Cooke, the track immediately turns into something you want to listen on an infinite loop.

Filled with feelings and emotions, this one will definitely stay in the minds of whoever listens to it for a long time.

After releasing and giving the listener the chance to experience what it feels like to be in a Panic Room, the producers give us the other side of the coin and make us Breathe again and relive.

You can now finally listen to this master track here:

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