After taking a short break during the summer, FWRD Records is back and bigger than ever. The Portuguese label has announced not only that new releases are coming, but also that it will be expanding its catalogue of musical genres; this expansion is happening under the name FWRD UNLT.

The first upcoming track after the summer hiatus will be “Years” by Khamix and Francisco Cunha, both Portuguese producers and DJs. Khamix (real name Lucas Vieira) actually does A&R work for FWRD as well.

FWRD’s previous releases include songs by artists such as Frepz, Neon Lines, Alpha Heroes, 2win Beam and Mark Knife.

FWRD Records is an electronic music label based in Portugal. It was created by Portuguese DJs and producers Menaka and Menasso, so that they could lend their support to upcoming producers who they believe in. As has been the case with many of the labels recently created by renowned artists (STMPD RCRDS comes to mind as the best example, created by Martin Garrix after Spinnin’ Records duped him), one of the main motivations behind the foundation of the label was to provide an easier way for new producers to get their music out there, away from the complicated bureaucracies associated with traditional big corporate labels.

We wish the best of luck to FWRD and its artists. Keep the great tracks coming!

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