The dj and American producer Wolfgang Gartner presents his new EP where in 6 songs we can see his ability to innovate and at the same time shows what made him very successful.

It was in the year 2010 and onwards that Wolfgang Gartner really showed himself to the public and since then has not stopped, despite having had ups and downs in his career, never gave up and continued to do his productions and with something very characteristic of it: your own style. After 8 years and after great collaborations with Tiesto, Deadmau5, WIll.I.Am and among others, comes his latest EP, “Medicine”, which has 6 songs of great quality.

Briefly reviewing his EP, his first three songs, “Excalibur”, “Good Medicine” and “Deja Vu”, clearly show all the work that Wolfgang Gartner has done over the years and he wanted to convey this message, showing that by listening to each of these 3 songs there would be no doubt that they were by Wolfgang Gartner.

Concerning the other 3 songs “Make It Clap” and “Bumblebee” give a new air to your EP and showing once again your ability to innovate when making two bass-house songs. Finally, we have “This Is Your Life” showing a “softer” side, but, nevertheless, very good. And so, Wolfgang Gartner manages to be versatile and show what he can do best.

Listen bellow the new EP “Medicine” :

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