The 6 track slaughter is finally here for everyone to headbang to! Riot Ten’s new EP is called “Hype Or Die: Genesis EP”. It came out on Dim Mak Records and it’s the third from the “Hype Or Die” series he created with the first one being the “Hype Or Die: Headbangerz” and the second “Hype Or Die: The Dead EP”. It has 6 tracks, all of them being collaborations!

One of the collabs is with the hardtrap duo Lit Lords and the upcoming producer Milano The Don. It’s a dubstep and hardtrap mix. In the song you can hear the lyrics “f*ck a body cast b*tch, you gon’ need a casket!” that is a follow up from the Lords and Milano collaboration called “Body Cast” where the lyrics are “f*ck a neck brace, you gon’ need a body cast”. This last vocal can also be considered a follow up from Riot Ten’s single “Rail Breaker”.

There is a collaboration with THROWDOWN and Bok Nero called “Act a Fool” and also two collabs with Krimer, one of them with Virus Syndicate as well. The other two tracks have vocals from Messinian and Jeff Kush.

Some of the tracks were released a few weeks ago so the real surprise here are both “Blitz” and “Mash Up The Place”. The EP came out on Dim Mak Records.

Releasing already his third EP with the “Hype Or Die” tag in the name, should we expect more coming from this series of EPs? It is definitely something his fans and the dubstep community in general would appreciate!

Listen to “Hype Or Die: Genesis EP” below!

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