The dutch duo, Yellow Claw, just released “Amsterdam Trap Music, Vol. 3 (Remixes)”! The original EP was released earlier this year, in February. The hard hitting tune “Beastmode” was one of the awaited IDs released with that EP.

The remix pack is has remix for each of the tracks, first one being the “Loudest MF” remix by the duo Crisis Era. It’s one of the most played tracks by Yellow Claw on their amazing sets! We then are presented with Juyen Sebulba’s remix of “Don’t Stop” (a collab with Valentino Khan). In third place we have Bellorum’s remix of “Beastmode” and last but not least we are presented with ETC!ETC!’s remix of “Dog Off”.

It’s a Barong Family only remix pack with tunes from various members who are not that known to the larger audience. It’s great to see that even though Yellow Claw are a huge duo at the moment they keep helping smaller artists and trying to make their label grow more and more.

This is the first release after the album “New Blood” which wasn’t that much of a hit among fans around the world. It had some great tracks but the majority was lacking that punch that the duo is known for. Even though this EP isn’t produced by them it is a clear step in the right direction. Will we see more of the old Yellow Claw coming back into play or won’t we ever see “Blood For Mercy” and “Los Amsterdam” type of albums again?

While you’re here listen to “Amsterdam Trap Music, Vol. 3 (Remixes)”:

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