Durante os próximos dias vamos postar uma série de artigos relacionados ao Top 100 DJs da DJMag. Vão ser várias listas que vão conter 10 artistas para cada género que, na nossa opinião, deviam ter sido incluídos nos resultados finais.

Listas: Bass Music, Trance, House, Techno, Drum and Bass, Hard Music, Portuguese and Geral (Iremos por hyperlinks em cada genro a medida que lançamos os artigos).

Excision – The contemporary godfather of dubstep. A man that has made so much for the community these past few years. In 2017 he created Lost Lands and in 2018 not only he increased the size of the festival to almost 3 times bigger but he also presented us with yet another dubstep and bass music festival: Bass Canyon. He released “Apex”, one of the best albums of the year, with collaborations with some of the biggest talents in the dubstep industry. With everything he still managed to tour with the “Paradox Tour”.  This year was probably the best for Excision and this is why we believe he should have been featured on the list.

Virtual Riot – An absolute madman. One of the most underrated dubstep artists. Virtual Riot is not only one of best producers (if not the best) in the world but also a DJing legend. Anyone that has seen what he can do live can confirm. After past year’s votation he released “Purple Dragons” which was an absolute banger. At the start of 2018 he delivered “German Engineering EP”, one of the best EPs of the year in terms of production. He toured all over North America, Europe and still attended Disciple’s events.  We are looking forward to see what he brings us next.

Illenium – One of the artists that grew the most in 2018. Having “Awake” released in September of 2017, the album really hit the bigger audience in 2018. Illenium currently has one of the biggest and best fan bases in the electronic music industry. The remix pack for “Awake” was a hard hitting release that everyone loved. “Take You Down” was the last single released by him and it spread awareness for drug abuse and other issues that artists have. Illenium is a role model to a lot of his fans and his dedication and intense touring are the way he finds to give back to them. 

Kayzo – Having his debut album released earlier this year, “OVERLOAD” was a huge hit. A mix between the most sentimental vocals and hard hitting drops. Not only he released an album he also dropped numerous singles, one of them being a rework for Papa Roach’s “Last Resort”. An amazing artist that really stepped up to the expectations in 2018. His touring was also intense. “OVERLOAD TOUR” was a success. He managed to come to Portugal and the show was insane. Someone to keep an eye on in the future!

Rezz – Already with two albums released under Deadmau5’s label “Mau5trap”, one of them from 2018 called “Certain Kind of Magic”, Rezz created a cult around her and the music she plays in the past year. She received the recognition from Deadmau5 and also helped a lot of smaller artists launching their careers. Space Mom is here to stay with her distinctive style and particular sound design. Her touring was insane and her fan base was unstoppable. Definitely deserved to be in the top 100!

RL Grime – Known for “Core”, one of his greatest hits, RL Grime gave us “NOVA” in 2018. Also on of the best albums of the year in the genre, filled with melodic soothing future bass and heavy trap for all tastes. Like every artist on the list, he also toured a lot after releasing the album. “NOVA” has 15 tracks and is an amazing work by the american producer!

Jauz – One of the most important artists in the electronic music community, Jauz baffled us with “The Wise and The Wicked”. An album that not only was very well produced but also explored a lot of sub genres while collaborating with a ton of different artists. His label “BITE THIS” had a tour where he performed numerous times. Jauz didn’t stop for a single second in 2018 with all the production and touring he didn’t have much time left. Even though he gave us some of the best tracks in the past he keeps testing his limits and doing more!

Getter – “Visceral” is not only the name of the album Getter released this year but also describes what the album is all about. A journey through his mind and body where he tells us how the past years have been. With his depression Getter still had time to produce this masterpiece and to perform for his fans. Truly an example of dedication and hard work. One of the artists that deserved to be on the list not only for the work he did but also for the person that he is.

San Holo – Mostly known for “Light”, he released his album “album1” under his label “bitbird”. An artist very well known for his guitar skills and his little plant, San Holo surprised us with some amazing work. His album was a complete innovation not only to what we are used to from him but also in the future bass genre. His musicality was reinvented! He had the chance to play at Tomorrowland’s mainstage and is now touring in the USA. Should’ve been present in the top for what he accomplished in the past year.

What So Not – Last but not least we have What So Not. After dropping “Not All the Beautiful Things”, an album with 12 collaborations, he toured and still is touring. An artist with a really big fan base and that participates in a lot of projects (the most recent one being with Two Feet on MØ’s song for her album). One of the biggest names in the future bass and trap industry, What So Not is someone with a lot of talent that should have been recognized!

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