Soundcloud has always been a major platform when it comes to music in general, but DJs and dance music producers may find it more useful than everyone else, especially now.

In fact, the company partnered up with Native Instruments, Virtual DJ, Serato, DEX3, Mixvibes and Hercules and whoever uses any of these softwares will be able to directly use tracks from Soundcloud.

If you’re a DJ, you know that when you’re playing live, a song can pop in your head and you feel that you must play it. Well, if you’re a DJ, even if you have an enormous playlist on you, you also know that there’s always something you don’t have. This issue is now solved and if you see yourself on that situation, you can easily play that song through Soundcloud.

You only need a Soundcloud GO+ subscription and one of the softwares mentioned above. You will be automatically unlimited and immediate access to a large catalog of songs to directly stream in high quality through a DJ software.

Do not fear loss of quality that Soundcloud usually brings to streaming, because with this GO+ subscription, all content uploaded to SoundCloud in a high bitrate or lossless format will be available to stream in high quality at AAC 256 kbps as all other songs DJs play.

Music and technology have always evolved together and this partnership marks another step towards the future.

Read all about it here.

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