Rezz is known in the industry as the Space Queen-Mom and we are always waiting for news to emerge in her world. Now the artist announces that she is preparing something for Halloween that she named Nightmare on Rezz Street.

The artist started by provoking fans two days ago with a tweet, in which she stated that when her “image” changes, something will happen and yesterday she published another only with a hyperlink that “sends” us to a page where it is only a clock with a countdown.

On this same site we can register, which means that after registration and the end of the time of the clock, we will get new informations about this event.

By the end of August, Rezz had already posted another tweet in which she said:

“I just want to say … I’ll give you something EXTREMELY special at Halloween time and it will be out of tassel and available to everyone. Okay, that’s all I’m going to say, but I hope to make you a little enthusiastic because I’m pretty. “

So far no one knows if this is a trick or treat event, a haunted house or the launch of something bigger, but according to her August tweet, it should refer to the release of an EP or Album.

Also, Rukes decided to open the appetite of the fans, through the tweet below:

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