For the past couple of months, artists have opened about dealing with depression, anxiety, and stress, and Illenium is now taking the time to help his fans and people coping with this.

The incredibly talented artist, released, not long ago, a statement on social media talking about his personal life and his previous struggles. Illenium also saw many of his friends such as Ekali and Elohim, opening about this, trying to help the ones in need and help those struggling giving them someone and something they can relate to.

Illenium is now going the extra mile, joining forces with Wicked Halloween, NV Concepts and Suicide Prevention Lifeline, he is taking part in creating a new campaign to raise awareness on this growing issue.

This campaign needs your help, however! To help the issue all you need to do is give their reasons for being awake on a 15-second story and posting it. NV Concepts will be donating 1$ for every story with the hashtag #Awake.

No doubt that we, as a community can create something amazing out of this. If everyone takes 15 seconds of their day to post a story, we can have a great impact on somebody else’s life. These gestures are pure and beautiful, and it takes great courage for these artists to be this personal with their fans.

And if you are struggling, just know you are not alone and that there is always someone willing to help you.

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