Last weekend, the artist Crypsis saw his instagram being hacked by a group that gives by the name of Raizy Hack Team. They changed his name and the description of his account. During the time that the account was under the control of this Turkish group several lives were made.

This was not the only account being hacked by this group, although they only appeared one week ago.
Also Alyssa Webster, who was known to have entered into an American television program and had more than a thousand followers in the social network, saw all her photos being erased and replaced by 3 music videos of trap music, with turkish influence.

Crypsis’ account also lost some photos, as well as some followers. It has not yet been possible to find out why this group “attacked” these two instagram accounts, nor what their purpose is.

The artist announced on his official Facebook page what had happened and reported that everything that is published is not his fault, and that he is trying to resolve the situation in order to have his account back.

The instagram social network shares some information about what you can do if your account is also hacked.

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