With the most recent portuguese government budget for next year, good news came for everyone that attends festivals, concerts and even the theatre. The VAT for tickets to all the events will decrease from 13% to 6%. A measure that was being asked by the promoters and cultural agents for a very long time.

With the change coming into play in January, a question rises: will the price of the tickets decrease or will it remain the same while giving larger profits to the organization?

While the measure seems great, if nothing changes regarding ticket prices will we see a bigger investment in infrastructures, lineups and overall experience?

This is something really important for the Portuguese economy which already has some one the cheapest tickets for cultural events in Europe. We hope to see what happens in the next months regarding prices and announcements from the promoters. They have the possibility to lower prices for the audience, improve the quality of the events or just have bigger profits. Which one will they chose?

What do you think the promoters will do? And what would you do? Tell us below!

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