With Amsterdam Dance Event taking place from the 17th to the 21st October (in about a week from now), DJs and producers from all over the world try their best to show their talent and to mark their position on the dance scene.

In fact, like every year, Hardwell has just released Revealed Recordings ADE Sampler 2018 and it showcases some of the new prodigies out there and these tracks are meant to be played during this enormous one week event.

This time, Hardwell has picked some Portuguese stuff mixed with dutch sounds, and Trembling shows off the brilliant minds of the Portugal based artists Zinko and Slowminded as well as the Netherlands based producer Aftermarket.

This isn’t Zinko’s first time on Revealed, he brought us Guarana earlier this year and that only proves the potential he has as a producer. He and Slowminded had been together in a song in 2017, Late Night, released on Ensis Records. Even though these are two very different collaborations, both of them are filled with quality and both of them make every crowd lose their minds.

Portugal is once again showing the world the hidden talent it has and that it won’t stop rising.

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