For the past couple of years, Slumberjack have been improving and perfecting their craft, carving their name in the Bass Music scene. Having plenty of goals that they wished to achieve along their path, the Australian duo dreamt of releasing a track under the Monstercat label, and “Daggers” is the track that helped them achieve just that, with beautiful vocals and an outstanding melody, it overflows the listener’s body with happiness and euphoria.

Slumberjack teamed up with fellow Aussies, Machine Age, whose vocals give this multidimensional feeling. The track is beautifully built with every detail fitting perfectly together.

“Daggers” is the first single of the upcoming EP by Slumberjack, that goes by the name of SARAWAK, a name inspired by their trip to Malasia.

The duo has been quite a frequent appearance on Trap Nation, and it was just this summer where they had produced “Helios” a collaboration with the mastermind Ekali. The track is one of the 6 singles present in “Crystal Eyes”, Ekali’s new EP, which so far has gathered over 5 million streams on Spotify.

It’s such a heartwarming feeling to see artists grow from nothing and overcoming boundaries and being able to achieve their dreams.
So, without further a due, here is “Daggers” by Slumberjack x Machine Age on Monstercat!

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