After 6 months of the disappearance of the dubstep legend, Datsik is back on the radar.

The DJ and producer was accused of serious rape accusations after allegedly getting women drunk and drugged to then take advantage of them. Datsik’s reputation was highly tainted and social media didn’t respond well to the news.

Datsik went then missing for 6 months with canceled shows and over the past few days he has been reaching out to his fans thanking them for the support and letting them know he has been sober and working on new music.

After this social media was all over the place. Some people were really happy by the comeback but others not so much. Even some really big fans were so disappointed by the accusations that are no longer supporting the artist.

There is no information about court decisions or anything related to the case but one thing we know for sure, we will know something really soon!

His talent is undeniable but do you believe Datsik will be able to perform again and his music will have the same impact as before?

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