Another great hit from Steve Aoki that will be successful and that will also enter the album that he is preparing to release.

Steve Aoki is back again and this time he is not alone, with him is the Croatian duo TWIIG who together with Aoki launch “Hoovela”. Undoubtedly a great bet made by Steve Aoki on making a big-room music and that shows that the big-room is not dead. Proof of this is also the work that the Croatian duo does with releases in Armada Music and that showed all the value that they have.

What is giving to speak is also the preparation of Steve Aoki to release his album Neon Future III. After the great success that it had with the releases of Neon Future I (2014) and Neon Future II (2015) comes the time of having the 3rd release of the saga “Neon Future”.

In addition to “Neon Future”, also edited in 2017, “Kolony”, where participated Yellow Claw, DVBBS among others, gave much success to this album. Steve Aoki has shown that he is a versatile artist who works with different artists from different styles, from Linkin Park, Migos, Snoop Lion to Tony Junior, Yellow Claw or Nervo, Aoki shows that he works with any artist and success appears.

Listen bellow the new track of Steve Aoki with TWIIG “Hoovela”:

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