The 10th anniversary edition of Rampage just keeps on adding some of the best names in the Bass scene to the 2019 lineup, and in the last 2 days we got ourselves 2 more confirmed artists for this very special edition of the biggest drum&bass and Dubstep party in the entire world.

Rampage is like a train at full speed at this point, there is no stopping them with some amazing confirmations, at a crazy pace. In a short space of 2 days, the organization revealed two more big names that are set to rock the stage in Antwerp, on March 2019. Specifically the king of Jump Up Drum and Bass Macky Gee and one the the best Riddim artist of the moment Infekt.

Macky Gee is no stranger to Rampage, having played the past 2 editions alongside the UK Crew of SASASAS, who will not be attending the event this year. But he is, and he will bring all of the heavy Jump Up sounds along with him. Expect sounds like Tour, Black Widow, Transition and Aftershock to make your bounce.

On the other side of the Bass, we got Infekt, one of the hottest Riddim producers at the moment, who will be playing for the first time ever at Rampage. Expect wobbly basslines and crazy drops to the sounds of Orgalorg, Prismo, 8-Bit Terror and many more.

This is truly going to be a historic edition of Rampage.


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