There are certain things in life that go beyond our imagination, and this great gesture done by João Rosário, ½ of the KEVU duo, not only warms our hearts but also deserves our greatest respect.

Earlier this month he announced on his personal facebook page, that he would be hosting a Masterclass for an Indian DJ school for upcoming artists. This seminar would help out a lot of youngsters, in a country that has a smaller window of opportunity.

The response was overwhelming with all 200 slots getting sold-out in just 15 minutes!

His top class behaviour however, happens after the 8000km travel to India. During the masterclass he met this young teenager that had traveled for 13 hours just to attend the seminar. This fan unfortunately couldn’t attend the show afterwords, given the fact that he was underage, thusfore not meeting the age requirements.

To his surprise, the Portuguese artist arrived at the hotel and this same boy was waiting to say goodbye to him, in the hotel lobby. Turns out that he had nowhere to spend the night at, and his train was only in the morning.

So, João did the unexpected. He invited him to his hotel room to spend the night there, where they talked and relaxed.

“I’ve never seen someone as happy and I’m going to sleep with my heart full of love. No matter where life takes us, it’s moments like these that make it all worth it”

These were the words he used on his facebook post.

Always keeping true to his roots and never forgetting where he comes from, he shows great love and admiration for his fans.

KEVU will be attending ADE this year at the MAXXIMIZE Label Night, and at the Revealed Records Night.ds Night.

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