Lately, the most recent and trendy EDM meme through social media has been a video that displays a crowd of nuns partying hard to the sound of heavy sonorities. Judging by the content of many of the comments, it’s conclusive that many people actually think the nuns were really listening and digging that particular song – “Doom Terror Cops” from Phuture Doom.

Nun Rave

WTF Actual All Nuns Rave to Hardstyle #HolyFeels

Slået op af HSU – Harder Styles United i Søndag den 30. september 2018

On the other side, however, many folks also contested the video’s veracity, and they are right. Fact of the matter is that someone (and we don’t know who exactly started this), overlapped Phuture Doom’s track to the footage.

But where did the original video come from? And what is the reason behind the nuns’ intense jumping and clapping? After thorough researching, we discovered that the moment was filmed at Kongres Młodych Osób Konsekrowanych, in Krakow, Poland. The event is a youth catholic congress, and it is celebrated every year in that city. The song the nuns are dancing to is “Góry do gory” (translated, it means something like “mountains above” and you can hear it here) from an evangelic Polish choir called Małe TGD. Here’s the original footage:

With that being said, the quest to find hard dance loving nuns is alive and kicking! If not successful, let’s hope that next year’s edition of the Kongres places its bets on hard artists.

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