In a very mysterious small video, W&W have ditched the Mainstage music name, and have announced their “new” label: Rave Culture

Mainstage Music was a label created by big room giants W&W back in 2012, and since its inception, it was a cornerstone reason as to why big room hasn’t quite died yet. Its releases are mainly focused on big room, hardstyle, trance, and, given its recent boost of popularity, psytrance.

Along these last few years, Mainstage Music has contributed to the rise of young talents like Maurice West, TWIIG and SaberZ; and has brought onto the world big room classics such as “Chakra” by Vini Vici and label bosses W&W, “Tarantella” by TWIIG and “Live The Night”, a collab between Hardwell and W&W. The last official release by Mainstage Music was “Robots In Love” by Maurice West and it was released this past May.

Just a few hours ago, on the now former Mainstage Music social media pages, all the pictures and videos were deleted, and, in an admittedly eerie video, the birth of Rave Culture was announced. In the background, you can hear what we assume will be first track released on this new label. The track is thought to be a W&W ID, but information is scarce at this point.

We here at Wide Future wish the best of luck for this new project and all its signed artists.

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