2018’s Summer season has officially ended and fans of dance music have begun making plans for next year. There are plenty of options, such as some of the biggest festivals like Ultra Miami, but the big question we all want to see answered is: where will Ultra take place in 2019?

In fact, a few days after releasing the Official Ultra Miami 2018 Aftermovie, the world received some unexpected news and the organization revealed that the Miami Council did not accept Ultra’s plans to have their festival hosted at the beautiful Bayfront Park.

One of the main reasons for this huge decision is the trouble it causes to local residents that constantly complain about the festival noise and the traffic that hosting such a big event causes in the area.

We will no longer see the beautiful blue water ocean and the huge buildings surrounding the concert hall as landscapes but no one really knows what to expect for where next edition will be.

This council had consequences on other terms of the five year contract of the festival but that doesn’t mean it will end, that’s not a topic to be concerned about.

There are no further details on the subject, except that it will take place on March 29th – 31st, as it was initially planned.

You can read Ultra’s official statement here:


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