Oh Hybrid Minds, you can do no bad music. Yet again we were blown away by the amazing new single by the British duo Hybrid Minds, a song that made our minds travel trough space and time, guided by the beautiful voice of Catching Cairo.

It should come as no suprise to anybody that the combination of Josh White & Matt Lowe, aka Hybrid Minds always results in some of the most beautiful and emotion tunes out there, but yet again this tune left me speechless. With great music releases over the years such as “Meant To Be”, “Touch and “Lost”, songs that till this day remain as an Icon of Liquid Drum and Bass, the duo now released their brand new single that is called “Supernova”, with the great voice of Catching Cairo

And then you get to the drop, and the way they then drop and the vocalist combine its just out of this world, its like a rare shine of light at the end of a tunnel, or in this case, the light shine of a rare Supernova. It just sounds super fresh and different from other tunes.
Now you can listen to it yourself, and get lost in this rare Supernova.

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