Getter started the year out rather silent, but as time passed, his beautiful soul started to take the shape of an album, VISCERAL.

The hype started out during summer when Tanner announced the album on Twitter. Dropping a 7-minute album teaser, people immediately got hooked to the beautiful melodies and the story brought by them, carrying this pure and genuine feeling with them.

Under Deadmau5’s label, Mau5trap, the PUBG master released, a little after the album teaser, “All is Lost” Ft. Nowhere, Nowhere, and the reaction gathered was outstanding. Everyone was tweeting, posting photos, videos of them listening to it, claiming that it was one of the most beautiful tracks ever. And they are not wrong at all.

Getter’s transformation is impressive. It really is quite hard to come across a more complete artist than him, drifting from heavy dubstep to a melody magician and at last, transforming his emotions into music, taking time to create tracks he’s truly passionate about. And not to mention his rap persona, his Terror Reid alias!

The track list was later released, with a beautiful artwork, and the artist took the time to explain the meaning behind each track in depth on Twitter.


Now that we have spoken about the birth of this masterpiece, let’s take a deeper dive into Getter’s feelings and emotions, with VISCERAL.
With little to no hesitation, the LP starts with “Purgatory”, a track that casts this creepy melodious atmosphere, indicating what kind of album it’s going to be. The slowly rising track works as an intro to the beauty that’s about to come.

Part of Me” together with AudioOpera utilizes vocals to have this sort of chill out track. The Future Bass drop is everything you can expect from the get-go when listening to the melody. Though the track is 6 minutes long it does not repeat itself, almost allowing the listener to explore their own emotions.

“Numb” brings amazing vibes to the table. Featuring Allan Kingdom, the vocals and the beat seem to be a match made in heaven, fusing the interesting lyrics with an amazing instrumental.

Skipping “All is Lost” for obvious reasons, “Best of Me” is the track that follows. The vocals and the build-up are unbelievably energetic, with the track dropping to this melodic and joyful thing that will get you jamming in your bedroom, car or work. The latter presented track “Hold on Tight” is sort of the same style, but with an even more joyful core to its existence.

The transition is quickly made, with a very big contrast, going from a joyful track to a more sentimental and emotional track. “Release” is calm, taking the role of a sadder track, but not letting the opportunity to create a happy place in all the sadness, bringing a euphoric feeling when the chorus comes.

Made for You” is a tough one to describe. To many, it was the track they most awaited. I think the best way to put it is that it’s this little bucket filled with emotions that will adapt to your mood. You can feel it all when listening to it, from sadness to happiness, but one thing is for sure. Goosebumps will be brought to your body.

“Bleed” starts as this calm and sentimental track, a feeling that lasts about 1 minute, until Name UL’s rap comes in play, completing the track in the best way possible.
“Solo” has these Getter characteristic growls, that will make the OG fans happy. The vocals are high pitched, allowing people to feel and realize that a bit of that “old” Getter is still alive.

The final track of this outstanding, beautiful and magical LP is “On My Way Out”, together with Getter’s good friend Joji. A track that serves its purpose perfectly. The lyrics are profound, a perfect way to close this Album, giving the listener this sort of “see you soon” message

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