It seems like Don Diablo is unstoppable this year and he proves that he still has much to offer with a brand new 1 hour set straight from a boat in Ibiza.

In fact, after having released 4 big remixes, including his version of Martin Garrix and Khalid’s hit Ocean,  8 singles, such as Heaven To Me with Alex Clare and No Good with Future House’s rising star Zonderling and finally 2 different albums, being one of them a pack of his previews remixes, called Reconstructions, and the other one Future, his own interpretation of what the future actually sounds like.

Well, this time the Dutch DJ and producer, king of Hexagon realm, has joined DJ Mag for their ‘’ most ambitious live broadcast project to date. In partnership with Miller Genuine Draft (…) created a floating DJ booth aboard a 27 metre motor cruiser (…) for a 90 minute sunset.’’

That’s right, Don has just delivered one of his best sets ever, as said by the man himself and with almost 50 tracks in just 75 minutes, this one takes the listener (and viewer) into a journey through the DJ’s mind outside the Hexagon sounds.

Playing for nothing else than the sun, this set is truly special and is perfect to keep you dancing. Dreaming big is what Don has always has believed in and he keeps proving us that if you work hard for your goals, they are closer than we think.

We all know the quote ‘Imagine all the people living life in peace’  from John Lennon’s Imagine and by finishing off his set with this track, Don shows once again that this is what he’s working for, for people to stop imagining all people living in peace. He wants this to be a reality.

You must hear this brilliant Don Diablo set.

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