If you’re a dubstep enthusiast you probably already heard of him, but if you haven’t… PEEKABOO

Making his first big appearance on Bassnectar’s album “Reflective (Part 2)”, 2017 was still a pretty quiet year for the North American producer. His work was more focused towards Trap and his EP “REVENGE” didn’t quite have the recognition it should.

With 2017 coming to an end the artist released three more downloadable tracks on SoundCloud, one of them being “REGRET” and the other two being “SINISTER” and “FILTHY ANIMAL” which both had a new dubstep vibe added to them.

2018 started off great with his remix of “Witch Doctor” with G-Rex getting featured on the “Invasion Remixes” from ATLiens and then having his first EP released under Wakaan, a label that features tracks from artists such as Liquid Stranger, Champagne Drip, Space Jesus, Dirt Monkey, among others.

We are talking about “Imposters EP” and it tells us a little story about “Aliens”, their “Arrival”, the subsequent “Invasion” and the possible realization that they were nothing but “Imposters” already mixed with the humans. These 4 tracks are filled with some really powerful basslines and scary vocals, which set the mood for the possible alien invasion.

Only a little more than 2 months after “Imposters EP”, PEEKABOO releases “Maniac EP”, also under Wakaan. His style stayed the same having the scary vocals, same type of basslines but adding much more energy to the tracks. A more wobbly type of dubstep as compared to the one he previously produced.

But his big “boom” was yet to come and it “go a lil something like this”. “Babatunde”, a collaboration with G-Rex released earlier this month was one of the most played tracks at this year’s Lost Lands Festival. It has over 50,000 plays on Spotify and more than 100,000 on SoundCloud.

All of this is due to his indistinguishably clean sound design, vocals and all around vibe translated to the tracks. PEEKABOO is definitely an artist to keep an eye on as his work over the past year has been insane. The progression is really showing.

Listen here to “Babatunde”:

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