A few days after the much expected announcement of the 3 new iPhones from Apple, the company released a brand new ad and they have picked a track by the one and only ZHU.

In fact, having announced iPhone XR, IPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, the track that completes the rather simple and beautiful one minute video for iPhone XS is ZHU’s 2017 Chasing Marrakech. This one completes the video in such a way it looks like it was specifically produced for the single purpose of selling iPhones, bringing back the oldschool hip hop vibe to it:

The American producer, musician and singer released this track in 2017 on his Stardustexhalemarrakechdreams EP and has already released a new EP and a brand new album this year.

Apple has announced 3 different iPhones as referred above, being the iPhone XR a low budget version of the iPhone X and the other two new improved phones with the quality the company has always assured the users. They have also announced the new series for their smartwatches, the Apple Watch Series 4.

You can listen to the track here and maybe check out Apple’s brand new phones and other new products here.

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