That’s right, Audien has announced this week one of his biggest projects and one of the most hyped tracks from the artist and the ‘collaborator’ he is working with:  Arty.

The artist behind probably one of the most iconic remixes of all time, worthy of an Emmy Nomination back in 2015 – the remix for Bastille’s Pompeii – lights the fire of the heart of all fans of progressive house around the world and assures that he will keep that fire alive with a brand new collaboration with the one and only Arty – the Russian trance and progressive master.

We know nothing about this new collab between two of the greatest minds when it comes down to melodic and sentimental tracks, except that it will be an anthem and, as we are used to hear from Audien and Arty, it will be a heartfelt song, as the American musician mentioned in his personal Twitter account:

If you watched or listened to Audien’s sets this year, you probably already heard this one and it must definitely be an outstanding track.

There are no further details about the track, but we will following these very closely in the near future and so should you.

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