After being dorment for so many years, Native Instruments finally released new DJ and producer gear, thus refreshing their lineup for 2018.

Native Instruments (NI) has been a huge name in the DJ and producer scene for a long time. Their quality equipment guarantees producers that the consumers are getting the best possible gear for a reasonable price. During this past week, NI has been revamping their gear, and converting them to 2018 standards. They released the Maschine Mikro, a new bite-sized beatmaker, which is like a smaller brother to the Maschine MK3. Next, NI released a new line of midi keyboards, the Komplete Kontrol A-Series; which come in 3 different sizes: 25 keys, 49 keys and 61 keys. To ensure that you have complete control over your brand new midi keyboard, NI continued their new gear streak with the announcement of a new KOMPLETE sample pack, now on its 12th edition. This sample pack is regarded as one of the best in the world, with quality samples and VSTs.

After all of this, Native Instruments weren’t done yet. Therefore, they announced new DJ controllers, the S2 and S4 mk3. The S2 mk3 has bigger jogwheels, a more rugged and professional look and new effects. The overall unit is a bit more portable than its predecessor is.

Meanwhile, the S4 MK3 is a powerhouse. From the first time you set your eyes upon it, you can see that it is a work tool. Some of the features are new screens on the bottom of the jogwheel – which display some important information –, even more effects and newer, better outputs and imputs. The biggest feature of this new controller is, of course the “Haptic Drive” jogwheels, meaning that they are motorized.

To top it all off, Native Instruments announced the Traktor Pro 3. Not much can be said for now, but NI promised videos and media to update us as we go.

So what do you think of this barrage of new gear? It definitely shows that Native isn’t messing around. Check the promo video down below!

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