One of big room’s most well known anthems got another remix, this time courtesy of Garmiani, who updated it and brought it to 2018.

It seems like it was only yesterday that a big room classic was released, but it has been 8 years already since Quintino and Sandro Silva, 2 newbies back then, joined forces and released a truly epic track called…well, “Epic” (10/10 naming).

Back then, the track made huge waves for its refreshing and heavy sound, and it was an instant hit. Released under Tiesto’s Musical Freedom, “Epic” achieved heights that only a handful of tracks can reach, and is still a crowdpleaser in today’s dance music world. However, since its 2018 and “big room is dead”, “Epic” is dead as well. So, its up to the remixes to revive this amazing track and keep it alive, and this latest remix is the work of Swedish DJ/Producer Garmiani.

Garmiani’s dance music career started out in 2012. After donning an hip-hop/rapper alias called Al Azif for 10 years, Garmiani’s first collab was “The City is Mine”, together with Salvatore Ganacci, known now for his crazy on stage antics. In 2014, Garmiani released “Nomad”, which reached 1 million Spotify plays. After that, he released “Jump & Sweat”, together with high school friend Sanjin. This was one of Garmiani’s big breaks, and in 2016 he released his biggest track to date, “Bomb a Drop”, which reached the top of the charts and was the most played track of Tomorrowland 2016. In 2017, Garmiani returned with “Fogo”, a track inspired by Brazilian sounds featuring the vocals of Julimar Santos.

Now, Garmiani returns with his remix of “Epic”. The track maintains many of its original elements, such as the fills, melody and part of the drop, but with the added percussion and bass influences of Garmiani’s sound. There are also a few vocals to complement the track’s empty parts.

You can check the track in the link down below.

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