For all those who love to use the SoundCloud platform, we have news! From now on you can have your playlist customizable weekly.

The site announced this news through social networks and explains that through a specific algorithm you will have access to a playlist full of songs you probably love.

This algorithm will be based on songs you’ve heard before, songs you like and even shared on some social network. So, the site will have a playlist recommended especially for you and your music tastes.

We know many of you love the thrill of the hunt – going down a musical rabbit hole and uncovering new tracks and artists to love. But sometimes, you may want great music delivered to you auto-magically with no searching required.”

The geniuses who invented this new concept have managed to match the site to the famous Spotify platform, since Spotify Discover is somewhat similar to this new  concept. But for fans, it sure was time for something like that, so no one should be dissatisfied.

To access this new feature, just go to >> Discover >> SoundCloud Weekly.

If you have any further questions, just watch the video below, published on twitter, with the official explanation.

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