Brunch Electronik… what an amazing atmosphere and experience it was! Set in Tapada da Ajuda, where every Sunday, people can gather together in an open-air festival and be emerged in spectacular music, amazing scenery and a chill and fun ambient that can be enjoyed by all.

This week was no different, headlined by Black Coffee, a South African DJ and producer, followed by Rui Trintaeum, Enoo Napa, Da Capo and Themba. Both national and international DJ’s who gave amazing performances always changing the beats, playing some of their own and other’s best songs, with blasting music the whole day, mixed between deep vibes and chill vibes, energetic sounds and outstanding presence, the mood of the crowd was always high in spirits, counting beats and matching dance moves rhythmically with the music.

We got to the festival early, and it was quite empty at that time, but it quickly changed in minutes, I only remember to look a second time and see a crowd of people around me and wonder what had happen. Smiled with lovely weather trough out the day, so usual of the climate conditions in Portugal, the sun was not excessive and at night it was a little bit chilly, perfect for a day dancing and walking around in a festival. 

Overall the crowd was good natured and relaxed, there was a wide mix of young children, teenagers and adults, despite the majority of the audience being in their twenties/thirties the feel of the festival is that of a comfortable and cheerful environment, as per usual.

The next Sunday will be led by the sounds of Agoria and the portuguese iconic DJ Vibe, followed by Serginho and Analodjica. We hope to catch you there!

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