Michael Brun, DJ/Producer born is Haiti is back with a scorching new track, following the massive success of his previous tracks.

If you’ve never heard of Michael Brun before, don’t worry: He’s probably one of the most underrated producers in the scene right now. Always a modest guy and down-to-earth guy, Brun is known for flawlessly blending dance music with the sound of rara and kompa, popular sub-genres in his home country of Haiti. The Port-au-Prince native has achieved a lot since his humble beginnings: he released one of his first singles on Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings label, released his first EP “Gravity” in 2013 (which reached no.2 on the Beatport charts), founded his own Kid Coconut label and co-produced “Positivo”, together with latin superstar J. Balvin. He regularly does humanitarian work, mentoring children in Haiti.

“Spice” marks Brun’s return to action. Following the (predictable) massive success of his J. Balvin collab, the DJ/producer released 2 other tracks on his Kid Coconut label; “Soweto” and “Jalouzi”; which followed along to the same type of sounds used in “Positivo”. “Spice” is a different story though, using a lot more house-y sounds instead of the tribal drums and beats we had grown accustomed to. The end result is a very groovy and funky track, which is nicely complemented by the featured vocals of Nigerian singer Kah-Lo.

You can check out the track in the link down below.

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