The first official remixes of KURA’s track “Lambo” are finally out, and, with a mix of of both fresh and “old” talent, they are a fine selection indeed.

Back in May, KURA shocked everyone by releasing a deep/future house-inspired track called “Lambo”. The track made headlines for its simple yet catchy sound (very different from KURA’s usual big room sound), hilarious video, and the sampling of KURA’s own voice for the vocals. All of these factors contributed to the track’s amazing success, being played by such artists like Mr. Black, Zonderling, and Tiesto.

Now, the track has been flipped three times, courtesy of veteran Laidback Luke, newcomer Taiki Nulight, and UK-native Olly James; each imprinting their own style into their respective remix. Taiki’s remix keeps the original vibes of the track, maintaining the same future/deep house style, while Laidback Luke’s flip is more like his latest sound, even giving off the same vibes as his last track “Milkshake”, released on his own Mixmash label. Olly James tried something new with his attempt at remixing “Lambo”, mashing his big room sounds and roots with the future house sound.

All the official remixes have all been released on Tiesto’s Musical Freedom label, the same as the original track. Give them a listen in the link down below!

Portuguese artist Deepblue also tried his luck at remixing the track, and the end result is definitely noteworthy.

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