After the success of the original song is time to Tiesto launch the first pack of remixes with great DJs and this is so good.

Probably a collaboration unexpected but its real, and this is a fact: “Jackie Chan” it’s a summer hit with the great production of Tiesto and Dzeko and with the voice of Post Malone and Preme. With more than 200 million streams it’s the most popular music of the dutch DJ on Spotify, also counting with more than 50 million views on YouTube.

At this moment Tiesto features the first pack of remixes with 5 music’s and 1 own remix. With an opening music with a Tiesto big room mix, this is a new view about the famous music.

M-22 and HUGEL bring the tech house vibe to the song and this is the perfect way, because after all this is summer sessions and make every person to dance.  Changing the style its time to hear the remix of Lookas¸a trap remix and different of the others but very good. And the last artist, Sebastian Perez, adds his vibe to the music to finish this first pack of remixes.

What can we expect from Tiesto next time?

Below, you can hear the first remix pack of Tiesto’s “Jackie Chan” theme.

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