The German DJ/Producer ATB has just released his 2018 first single called “BODY 2 BODY” that features two of the best vocal talents from Nashvillhe (Tennessee), Connor Matthews and LAUR.

It had been some time since the German did not release something new because the last release took place in September 2017, month of release of the single “Never Without You“. After eight months, “BODY 2 BODY” began to take shape as a single, when ATB, after an excellent performance at EDC Las Vegas, spent a few days in Nashville handling most of the production process of the single. This is a song that follows the production line of the track “Behind“, a collaboration made with Flanders and that is part of the album Future Memories (2009). “BODY 2 BODY” has, besides some unmistakable ATB sounds, a line of progressive involved with notable elements of electro house. All these features combined with the vocals make the music more mainstream, and so, the theme will have a greater ease in being transmitted on radio stations. Although this song belongs to a genre of songs that is not so explored by the German, the truth is that he has explored again and apparently returned to achieve something that has consistency and quality.

Many criticize him for the release of this song, recalling the material that ATB produced 15 years ago or more, but no one has the right to do so …

ATB, like most artists, is inspired and produces according to his life, his feelings, his emotions, and also seeks to explore new musical genres. The lyrics of “BODY 2 BODY“, for example, seem to fit into the current point of the ATB‘s life, who must be happy for his recent marriage.

Having released “BODY 2 BODY” yesterday, we can already envisage when new music from the legendary producer may emerge. During the last shows, as was the case of the Untold Festival, there was a new song that was played (as we can see and hear here) and in one of the last videos published on facebook by ATB, there is also another new song that should be the next to be released (as we can see and hear here). Everything seems to indicate that the new album is being produced relatively fast and so it is likely that it can be released later this year or early 2019!

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