There aren’t many words to describe this last Sunday’s (19-06-18) Brunch Electronik Lisbon at Tapada da Ajuda, headlined by Motor City Drum Ensemble.

For this Sunday we made in earlier than normal, we wanted to catch Ruuar after an impressive late (early) night at Neopop just the weekend before. The Portuguese duo brought a different style to the mix, with chill vibes that welcomed everyone to the venue. Lounge chairs out in the shade, beer jugs in hand and sun out, was the moto for the first few hours of the day.

Up next was Dekmantel bosses, Dekmantel Sound System, with their usual label vibes, bringing some of the best classics released by them and others. Before the main act of the night we had Palms Trax who warmed up the crowd in perfect fashion with an outstanding presence on stage. Playing some of the fans favorite, Palms played his heart out and the crowed felt it.

To end the night with an hour and a half to go, Motor City Drum Ensemble, played like we never seen before this season. The German DJ & Producer showed massive amounts of energy, picking his tracks like they were his last, and the crowed, the crowed reacted like no other. Thousands of ravers kept their hands and cups high to every beat, every synth, every change of pace. We were mesmerized, the groove was never ending, the vocals in each were deeper than the last. We loved it, it’s in competition with Paul Kalkbreener impromptu season opener for the best of 2018’s season.

This week’s Brunch sees Dave Clarke headlining what is Brunch #5, with the support are Vitalic and Fairmont both playing a live set, and Violet and Vil & Temudo warming up the crowd. Tickets are still available here, and we will see you in the next brunch.

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