Indeed, the all the time smiler Marshmello has just joined forces with one of the world’s biggest pop bands, the British based Bastille and the result is mesmerizing.

In fact, after releasing his long awaited album Joytime II earlier this year, which was a success for the DJ and producer, the candy look alike artist brought out what seems to be one of his biggest hits ever – Happier.

Joined by the amazing vocals and lyrics written by Bastille themselves, this track will definitely be a huge success and certainly make you Happier, even though the lyrics suggest a break up between two people in love.

Starting off with some simple piano chords that keep playing throughout the whole song, accompanied by Dan Smith’s vocals (Bastille’s vocalist), the track evolves into something bigger, being the perfect summer track everyone can hear, this one’s perfect for those sunset car rides, enjoying life to the fullest.

Marshmello shows off once again the reason why he’s got so much success and unveils one more time the reason why he makes music: to make everyone who listens to it Happier.

You can listen to the track here and we are sure you will not regret it.

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