It seems like Bassnectar can’t stay away from a bit of controversy every now and again.

When people go to social media and share their opinion over some sensitive topics, it usually ends up as some sort of controversy, and Bassnectar’s case isn’t at all an exception.

It is no surprise to the world seeing Bassnectar speak out and sharing his political opinions on Twitter, but turns out that mixing politics with religion on twitter, is bound to create a lot of arguments. It all started out on Saturday when he tweeted out “jesus hates republicans”. Then on Monday he went on about religion, saying that “It’s the drug of the masses, it’s absolutely absurd & fallacious

Though he feels like there isn’t such a thing as a “God”, and bashing completely on religion, he agrees to the fact that believing in the existence of some energy can have positive results.

“What I personally won’t tolerate: Homophobia. Racism. Political corruption. Social Injustice. Bullying or mean behavior. Ignorance or religion or right wing nonsense. Standing up to a bully or shutting someone down who is trying to lie or spread nonsense isn’t mean. It’s powerful”

His fans, the fellow Bassheads, had mixed feelings towards his tweets, some completely agreeing and feeling a deep connection to the artist’s purposes, and others responding with disgust and getting annoyed with his ideas.

Obviously, all these subjects are highly controversial, so we won’t be going into much detail about it. The tweets are long, but somewhat entertaining, so if you want to read all, feel free to do so down below.

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