This Friday was marked by a crazy amount of releases and amongst them, one that stands out the most is the most recent and beautiful album by Medasin.

The artist pours his heart and soul into these tracks, which allows the album to be brought to the next level as it carries around this truly genuine and sentimental feel to it.

“Irene” as it’s called, was described by Medasin as his intelect, as a way of looking at “his naked body“, in it’s purest state. He also shares that he knows that most people won’t like it because it’s different, but that he produced because he wanted to, in a style and way that related to what he was feeling then.

Now to focus more on the music itself, the LP is composed by 9 tracks, with the first and the last one working as sort of an Intro and Outro. Also out of all the tracks, only 2 have actual vocals which we’re sang by friends of Medasin.

The melodical and intriguing sounds give most of the tracks a sort of “Porter Robinson” feel to it, never losing however, Medasin’s touch of course. They bring this relaxing, mesmerizing and in a way, relatable feel to the heart. How so? By being so heartfelt and genuine to the point that you can associate it to your everyday thoughts.

Contrary to what was thought by Medasin, the album was very well received, reaching the #1 spot in US Electronic Album chart overtaking Rezz’s “Certain Kind of Magic”, Odesza’s “In Return” and even Droeloe’s “The Choices We Face”.

But words can only say so much, so why don’t you give it a try yourself? Listen here to Medasin’s album, “Irene.

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