Denon DJ just announced its new SC5000M media players. They’re similar to the regular SC5000 Prime, but with a twist: they have a motorised vinyl platter.

For years, there has been an ongoing “rivalry” amongst DJs: media players vs turntables. The media player users claim turntables are dead, while turntablists prove them wrong and claim they’re not “real” DJs. Denon DJ aims to end this feud with the release of the SC5000M Prime players, which combines that old school feel with all the advantages that technological progress bring to the (turn)table.

Like its SC5000 brother, the M’s feature a 7” touchscreen, 2 decks on each player, 8 performance pads, the same color scheme, and the same controls. Heck, if you look at a side by side picture of both players and squint, you might be fooled into thinking they’re the same. But they’re not.

The M’s have a motorised vinyl platter, with full tension and torque controls so that you can customise the platter to your liking, instead of the regular jogwheels with centre displays found in the SC5000’s.

With the release of these players, Denon is aiming at turntablists who currently use DVS (due to the lack of a better alternative), in hopes of stealing more market share from its main competitor, Pioneer DJ.

Laidback Luke, brand ambassador for Denon, has already reacted to the news, stating that the SC5000M are “a dream come true”.

Your move, Pioneer DJ…

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