It was just a week ago that Two Feet published an unexpected goodbye letter on Twitter, making everything lead to think that the artist was going to commit suicide. The entire music community got scared and was terrified by what could have happened, and thousands of fans started tweeting at him, trying to prevent it from happening.

Thankfully a couple hours later, his dad posted a message to relieve everyone, saying that his son, Two Feet was safe and currently at the hospital.

He opened up yesterday, with a message, apologizing to the world:

“Over a week ago, while heavily drugged, I did something that almost cost me my life.”

These are some of the words from Two Feet. The artist says that he is seeking further help and appeals to others who might be going through the same situation that they shouldn’t be embarrassed or scared to seek help, whether it is from family members, friends or anyone else.

We’re very glad to hear that he is feeling a bit better and that he is attending counseling, and while we’re at it, we think everyone should know that their family, friends and the world loves you.

Rejoice to the latest Two Feet sound right here:

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