The DJ and producer, Oliver Heldens, is currently under the spotlight … but not on a big stage. The head of Heldeep Records is now the new ambassador of a foundation whose aim is to protect and preserve the environment. The popularity of the Dutch DJ – coupled with his solidarity – is expected to alert and sensitize more people to this cause. And the truth is that so far the new partnership has already generated 10,000 euros in donations!

Plastic Soup Foundation works to reduce the amount of plastic manufactured and produced year after year that turns out to be super harmful to the environment. It is a foundation that survives with the support of many business partners who donate part of their revenue to the cause. One such partner is MBRC the Ocean. The company recovers and recycles plastic waste from the ocean and uses them to make super fun and beautiful bracelets. You can visit the MBRC Ocean website to check out the models and colors. At the end of a purchase of 25€, 30% of this value then reverts to the Plastic Soup Foundation, which applies them in the best way to save the environment.

In addition to the true performance, the institution still believes that what is most important is to make all people aware of the negative and unavoidable effects (often) that the excessive and unconscious use of these materials leave throughout the ecosystem, in the hope that each one will reduce this use.

It is always pleasant when someone with a lot of visibility is associated with this type of cause and we are not at all surprised by this attitude of Oliver Heldens! Huge on and off the stage.

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