After having cancelled last week’s event due to high temperatures that could lead into a non-controllable fire, Brunch Electronik is back next Sunday, August the 12th, in Tapada da Ajuda, in Lisbon, with a breathtaking lineup.

Starting off at 2 pm with Mafalda, followed by Perel (Live) and DJ Tennis and having their stage closed by the one and only John Digweed, Brunch promises their attendees a day they will never forget.

These DJs come from all around the world and each and everyone of them is amazingly talented. You’ll immediatly fall in love with the sounds of Mafalda and be amazed by the energy present on the German DJ Perel‘s set. The italian DJ Tennis is known for his hability for crowd reading and will blow your mind track by track. Finally, the big legend John Digweed is also playing the event and his outstanding sets are know in the entire world and are the kind of shows you want to experience over and over.

The event will surely take whoever attends an amazing sound and visual journey, starting with full daylight, followed with an amazing sunset, the so called golden hour, finishing with the great summer nights Portugal is known for, with one of the best weathers in Europe.

The organization’s purpose is to share happiness and show commitment to environmental and social related topics. Their actions are based in 3 main principles: equality, sustainability and community. Protecting the environment and making sure the LGBTI community feels equal are some of their main concerns.

This is an event that we highly recommend, even if you aren’t an electronic dance music fan, the amazing vibe and good energy that you’ll get by going to Brunch Electronik will give you memories you won’t forget, to the sound of some of the best DJs.

You can still buy your tickets here, so make sure to get them!

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