The New Zealanders (or Kiwis) of The Upbeats teamed up with the British producer Rockwell to produce a brand new Drum and Bass banger, and the timing for this release couldn’t be better, because we are currently on one of the most important weeks of the DnB calendar, the week of Let It Roll.

The Upbeats are no strangers to this music scene, being a big part in this community for a long long time, and by taking a looking at their music portfólio , we manage to realize what this duo accomplished in all of this years working in the DnB scene. Having worked with Mefjus and Noisia in the past, the duo is a proven strength when it comes to Drum and Bass.

On the other hand we got one of the most promissing DnB artist to have emerged in the last couple of years, im talking about Rockwell. Having already released music on some of the biggest labels in the scene like Critical, Neosignal and Shogun Audio. He also released is first album back in 2015 called Obsolete Medium.

Now this 2 forces joined up to create the ultimate track for this summer, called Gamma Ray. And what we can tell you about this collab is that it will stick around all summer long, because this track has all of the elements that you require in a great Dnb track. A good melody all around, lots and lots of bass and a drop that is different from everything that is coming out at the moment. It just gets in you in a mood to dance and have fun.

Why dont you give it a listen and tell us what do you think in the comments.

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