The highly anticipated release of “Take You Down” is finally here, and there are no words to describe the masterpiece created by Illenium on this one.

The track was premiered about a month ago at Global Dance Fest 2018 and everyone questioned immediately where and when they could find such a piece of art. Later, Illenium announced that “Take You Down” would be released on August 3rd

This track, compared to others, is a bit more sentimental and holds great importance, as it is very personal to Nicholas. Earlier this week, he opened to the world, about the meaning that lies behind this wonderful song.

“Six years ago I overdosed on heroin”

These were some of the harshest words of the post. Words that are both heavy and unexpected to his thousands of fans. Throughout the post he describes how much he suffered from it, saying that he lost hope and will to live. This post was published with a positive purpose. Illenium wanted to share his story to tell us one of the reasons why he produces which is to help people overcome their struggles and enjoy the moment. He goes on about the messages he receives thanking him for his music, saying that they are the reason they are still alive, and it really shows that no one is on a pedestal, it can happen to everyone.

By now, you already can imagine what the track will sound like if you haven’t already heard it. The melody will give you goosebumps, and the vocals on top just fit in perfectly, giving it that storytelling vibe. It holds this aura of hope, of something greater and as it rises to the drop, you get this feeling of a throwback to when you were younger, and all the memories passing by. The drop isn’t in any way less impressive, with its vocals and future bass, the track elevates to a whole other dimension, giving us this feeling that everything is at peace.

Illenium’s music is to many an escape from reality, a place where they can create this little bubble to escape society and for a couple of minutes, feel the sheerest happiness and hope. His kind heart and intentions really pass through to his music, making this one of the reasons why everyone classifies his tracks as pure and unique.

His most recent track, prior to “Take You Down” was released just two weeks ago, showing that Illenium’s creativity has been unstoppable. The track is a collaboration between him and Excision called “Gold (Stupid Love)”, and it rapidly became a fan favorite, with a perfect fusion of the two artists.

Get ready to listen to “Take You Down” and get taken to your own world, isolated from real life for a couple of minutes. Listen down below:

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