Boom Festival in Idanha-A-Nova, in Portugal has occurred for 21 years and, in spite of being an international reference to many people, it also is the ‘bullet’ target for media.

In fact, being one of the biggest festivals worldwide dedicated to ‘free spirits all around the world’ and with the purpose of ‘gathering…the global psychedelic tribe’ as described by the organization themselves, bringing over 30.000 people every year, it’s expected that attracts all types of substances and police reports can confirm that.

Portuguese police has arrested 46 suspects of drug traffic during the Boom Festival and 85 people for consuming and seized 8498 doses of drug.

Even though the number of people arrested or caught consuming is small when compared to the number of attendees, the organization as already answered to the accusations and defend themselves by saying media isn’t focusing on the bright side of the festival and what it is bringing to Portugal:

Why does a festival that, in 2018, received more than 30.000 visitors from 147 countries, almost 1.000 artists from around the world, ‘workshops’, speeches, numerous actions to promote environmental sustainability, keep getting this major negative attention, not finding it’s place alongside other events, where police operations also occur, even though they’re not published.

The organization also assured that they will be even more relentless in the future in order to provide the safest festival possible.

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