A name that has earned his top spot in the bass community is Svdden Death, proving track after track that he can create bangers that make everyone go wild and headbang their soul off to the music.  His growth in 2017 was mind-blowing yet not unexpected with the artist releasing a ton of tracks and his so popular Spelljam EP. Then earlier this year, he surprised everyone with his Junkworld EP, that, to many was the number one contender to EP of the year. Most-known for his singles “Shut ‘Em Down” with Yakz and “BZZRK” with AFK, Svdden Death’s name really hold strong on the top level.

Releasing one EP in 2018 doesn’t seem enough as Svdden Death released yesterday VOYD Vol. I.

VOYD gathers 5 new tracks, “Castles”, “Rise”, “Behemoth”, “Gates Of Hell” and “Break’Em Down”. With the first track starting out with a chilled-out melody, it takes a dark turn when the build-up arrives, rising to an outstanding drop that awakes anyone’s bass face.

Moving over to “Rise”, a very creepy atmosphere is created from the get-go, and it very rapidly reaches a growling drop. “Behemoth” follows the same path and resembling a Behemoth’s growl, the track’s atmosphere makes us feel observed and when the drop hits? OH BOY! With Svdden Death’s trademark sounds, it becomes hell on earth, in a very good way.

Two collaborations close out the EP, the first one with a very popular Never Say Die: Black Label artist, MurDa. “Gates Of Hell” as it’s called, has this haunted feel to it, making the listener witness some sort of exorcism inside of his body.

“Break’ Em Down” together with SampliFire has this distorted melody with some fast-rising drums, and when it reaches the breakdown, using Svdden Death’s and AFK’s “BZZRK” words, “You’re about to blast heat”

Leaving you to listen to these 15 minutes of madness, you must leave us the promise you won’t hit your head headbanging in your bedroom.

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